One-way email messaging, for a small fee of $0.20/message, is available to send a message to a camper currently attending Camp Carefree.  This fee, which covers the expenses of internet access and supplies for the messages, as well as domain name registration and website hosting fees, will be deducted from the camper's trading post account.  To send a message, just fill in the form below.  Messages are collected daily, printed, and delivered to each cabin group with USPS mail each day. 

Please be aware that you will receive no email reply to these messages as only administrative staff have access to this e-mailbox.  Please treat the message as if it were a letter mailed to the camper.  However, please don't let this be your only means of communication.  Real letters are still very important to your camper and should be sent to:


[Camper Name] - [Cabin Group]

Camp Carefree

PO Box 2118

Wolfeboro, NH  03894-2118


PS.  You can use this form to send free one-way messages to all

Camp Carefree staff members as well.



Please note, use of the tab key switches between the different parts of the form and should not be used to indent paragraphs in your message.

Also, please select a cabin group for the counselor you may be emailing.  It assists with message sorting.  Thanks!


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(JJ) Jumping Junipers 


  Whispering Pines (WP)

(TT) Tall Timbers 

  Silver Birches (SB)

(GR) Giant Redwoods 

  Mountain Laurels (ML)

(MO) Mighty Oaks 

  Steel Magnolias (SM)


 Office Staff




Medical Staff





Last Update 08/27/03